Study on the Role of Men in Gender Equality


The aim of this study – which we are carrying out on behalf of the European Commission, DG Justice, Unit Gender Equality – is to provide better knowledge of the roles, opinions and approaches of men towards the gender equality issue in the 27 EU Member States and the EFTA countries. This knowledge should enable policy makers to better establish and implement gender equality policies taking into account the contribution of men in order to make these policies more efficient in achieving the final objective of gender equality.

Three main issues will be covered:

  • ·         “Men and Care“ – identify ways to stimulate and support men in order that they share care-giving and household tasks and resposibilities;
  • ·         “Men at Work”
  • ·         “Men and Gender Equality“

The study is based on a literature analyses, European wide qualitative research carried out in cooperation with 31 national experts in all EU and EFTA states, and quantitative analysis using Eurostat data to obtain a current picture of the situation in Europe. Three thematic wirkshops as well as a final conference will be incorporated in the study encourage the sience-policy-transfer.

The study is fanianced by the EU programme Progress and runs frm December 2010 until December 2012.


Contractors of the study are:

L& R Social Research, Vienna (; project coordination: Nadja Bergmann/Ferdinand Lechner

Dissens Research, Berlin (, research coordination: Marc Gärtner/Ralf Puchert

abz*austria, Vienna (, science-policy-transfer: Manuela Vollmann/Eva Schliesselberger

INBAS, Offenbach/Brussels (, workshop- and conference: Birgit Rasehorn/Agnès Ammeux



Members of the Scientific Team:

Jeff Hearn (University of Linköping, Sweden, and Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland),

Majda Hrzeniak (Peace Institute, Ljubljana),

Elli Scambor (Männerberatung Graz), Christian Scambor (Männerberatung Graz),

Øystein Gullvåg Holter (Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo),

Sophia Belghiti-Mahut (Université de Montpellier)


National experts in EU 27 plus 4 EFTA states


Advisory board:

Michael Kimmel (Stony Brook University, New York),

Mieke Verloo (University of Nijmegen),

Alan White (Leeds Metropolitan University),

Iva Smidova (Masaryk University Brno),

Gary Barker (International Centre for Research on Women)